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"Though at times you may feel like saying 'Oh, just forget it,' after you have the project completed it is a great feeling to know that you have made it by yourself."

-- Linda Gilson

The 4-H educational philosophy is "learning by doing." Today 4-H participants can choose from a wide variety of projects that have gone beyond the focus of early 4-H projects that dealt solely with agriculture and home economics.

4-H blouse and skirt
Green and white seersucker 4-H blouse and skirt.
Val Kuska Collection, 9654-192,193

4-H members showing livestock in the late 1940s
NSHS RG3356 PH:61-1 2001.0164

grand champion
A 4-H member in 1927 with his steer, a grand champion at the Union Stockyards.
NSHS F163-461 RG3356 PH20:18

Ravenna Calf Club
The Ravenna Calf Club, November 20, 1926

Mt. View Cluckers
The Mt. View Cluckers 4-H Club on the 4-H Club Poultry Tour, June 1945.
NSHS RG1431, 1105.26

1955 wildlife exhibit
Bill Caldwell of Lincoln made this 1955 wildlife exhibit.
Courtesy: Dr. Bill Caldwell, former state 4-H Leader/Assistant Director

1954 knot display board 1987 knot display board
These knot display boards were made by father and son Delwin and Dusty Wilson of Arthur, Nebraska. Delwin made his in 1954 and Dusty's was completed in 1987. They are displayed year round on the Lazy Five Ranch, where father and son manage a cow-calf operation.
Courtesy: Mindy Kroesche

health demonstration
Georgia Stevens and Barbara Ramsey Bloemker giving a health demonstration in the early 1960s. This demonstration won the purple ribbon at the Nebraska State Fair.
Courtesy: Georgia L. Stevens

Nebraska Governor Frank Morrison
In 1963 Nebraska Governor Frank Morrison was presented a box of steaks by a 4-H member. The steaks came from a calf the member had received two years earlier as a prize from the Omaha World-Herald.
NSHS 054.9:13-19

Eileen dress
Made by Eileen Muller Krumbach as part of her "Know Your Heritage" project. The dress has three yards of fabric around the hem and the rows of rickrack are hand sewn.
Courtesy: Eileen Krumbach

outfit Carolyn
Made by Carolyn Muller Sick in 1967 under the guidance of her sister, Eileen. Carolyn received a purple ribbon for the outfit at the Dixon County Fair.
Courtesy: Eileen Krumbach

Dan Stehlik Caps and patches
Caps and patches used by Dan Stehlik while showing livestock in the late 1960s.
Courtesy: Jan Stehlik

This dress was made in 1988 by Mindy Wilson Kroesche of Arthur, Nebraska to wear at her junior prom. It won reserve champion stylist and champion construction prizes at the Arthur County Fair. It also won a purple ribbon at the 1988 Nebraska State Fair.
Courtesy: Mindy Wilson Kroesche

Beginning of Skyline
Sometimes a project turns into a career.
"1924 Beginning of Skyline, 4-H Club project," 1958.

The popular 4-H tractor maintenance program, introduced in the 1940s, was broadened in the 1960s to include small engines in an effort to meet the needs of 4-H'ers in non-rural settings.

model tractor
This model tractor was used to demonstrate tractor safety to 4-H'ers.
Courtesy: University of Nebraska Extension Safety Engineer

Tractor Club
1948 Nebraska 4-H Tractor Club at the University of Nebraska Agricultural College (East Campus).
NSHS M134-19480130 SUB#2

Working with a cooperative extension agent, any interested adult could, and still can, start a 4-H club. Charters are given when the club meets a set of established criteria.

4-H Charter
Courtesy: Gage County 4-H

Wednesday Workers club charter, 1962

Courtesy: Eileen Krumbach


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