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International Affairs

The International Farm Youth Exchange (now known as the International 4-H Youth Exchange) began in 1948 as a way to cultivate understanding of other cultures. Exchange participants live and work with host families and participate in the local community.

banners and documentsChinese 4-H banner
Courtesy: Dr. Bill Caldwell, former state 4-H Leader/Assistant Director

1985 Chinese IFYE delegation to America banner
Courtesy: John Orr Family

Costa Rican 4-H banner
Courtesy: Dr. Bill Caldwell

2000-2001 4-H promotional pamphlet from Norway
Courtesy: Katherine L. Potthoff

The 1970 4-H pin from Nepal belonged to S. K. Joshi who stayed with a Nebraska family as part of the International 4-H Youth exchange.
Courtesy: Jan Stehlik

An exchange program was established between 4-H and its Japanese counterpart, LABO, in 1972.

flag pin
This autographed LABO flag and 4-H pin with Japanese characters were presented to the John Orr family by a Japanese youth who stayed with them.
Courtesy: John Orr Family

kimonohat Shusaku wearing hat

In 1974 Shusaku Nomura came to stay with the Stehlik family of Nebraska as part of the 4-H/LABO exchange program. Shusaku left his kimono, paper crane, and green LABO hat with the Stehliks.
Courtesy: Jan Stehlik


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