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State Fair

By 1906 Boys' and Girls' Club members were exhibiting projects at the state fair related to corn, wheat, sugar beet, and potato production, as well as cooking, bread, canning, needle work and house ornamentation. Today, computers, family heritage, forestry, and rabbits and wildlife, are the fastest-growing 4-H exhibit areas at the state fair.

4-H artifacts
Linen cap, cardboard exhibitor tag, and felt armband with patch.

4-H float of the "Marietta Dairy Hustlers" at the state fair parade in 1941.
NSHS M134-19410904 SUB#14

4-H float for Perkins County State Supreme Crop Judges at the state fair parade in 1941.
NSHS M134-19410904 SUB#16

A Greeley County 4-H Club's agricultural display at the 1941 state fair.
NSHS M134-19410904 SUB#26

4-H exposition
The 4-H exposition at the 1957 state fair.
NSHS RG2018 2018PH: 79-4

Share the Fun
The 4-H "Share the Fun" show at the 1957 state fair.
NSHS F163-670 RG3356 PH:32-15 1957

style show
A 4-H style show at the state fair in 1940.

NSHS RG3356 PH:27-02

4-H fashions at the 4-H building during the 1957 state fair.
NSHS F163-664 RG3356 PH:32-2

Nebraska State Fair poster, 1933, "Four H Club for Boys and Girls, All Roads Lead to Lincoln."

Skinny's Cousin
Don Meyer, with his 1,000 lb. calf "Skinny's Cousin." Meyer was a two-time winner of the 4-H baby beef grand championship. Nebraska State Fair, Sept. 9, 1943.

cattle auction
4-H purple ribbon cattle auctioned Friday at the Nebraska State Fair, Sept. 9, 1943.


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