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Today, 4-H is thriving and reaches tens of thousands of Nebraskans each year. 4-H is always striving to stay current and offers hundreds of projects from which members can choose.


participants participants
Participants in the 2001 4-H Unicameral day.
Courtesy: Nebraska State 4-H Office

This outfit was designed and made by Cassidy Vineyard of North Platte, Nebraska. Cassidy is a Lincoln County 4-H'er and was the winner of the National Style Review in 2000. Cassidy made the outfit specifically for this exhibit and says she created it "to be representative of youth in 2002. The bright colors and unique designs display the energy and vitality of today's youth. The jeans have bleach stains spelling words such as love and angel depicting the positive, creative, and innovative attitudes of youth around the world. The bright pink and blue rhinestones represent the gems, or individuals, of our world who work to change the status quo of their communities. In the back you will find a neon pink lace insert. The neon pink is shocking as it draws your attention to look closer. That is exactly what today's generation of young people require, attention and a closer look. The motivations, personalities, and aspirations of young people are shocking, fresh and require attention, a closer look, and most of all an open mind for making the best better."
Courtesy: Cassidy Vineyard

Bovine Baby Bovine Baby
Using Chicago's "Cows on Parade" public art exhibit as their inspiration, Gage County 4-H staff developed the "Bovine Baby" project in 2001. Twelve fiberglass dairy calves were obtained and each one was decorated and exhibited by a 4-H club or family.
Courtesy: Gage County 4-H


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