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Photograph of Museum of Nebraska History, looking southwest Exhibits at the Nebraska History Museum  

The Nebraska History Museum will reopen April 1st 2016!



Nebraska unwrapped

"Nebraska Unwrapped:  Selections from the Collections"--a wide range of materials the NSHS holds in trust for the people of the state, most of which have been "under wraps" during the renovation. Artifacts range from a 1000-year-old hoe made from a bison scapula and ancient corn kernels to the grasshopper plow that helped settlers break the sod in the 1870s. Noted Ponca Chief Standing Bear’s head ornament, the sewing box given to former slave Ruth Cox by Frederick Douglass, First Lady Maxine Morrison’s “Mad Men”-era inaugural gown, and the hood worn by a Nebraska Ku Klux Klansman connect visitors to the stories of Nebraskans both notable and notorious. 


"Nebraska’s Enduring Quilt Heritage: New Acquisitions" looking at quilts that tell stories of migration, politics, and events both joyous and memorial. Featuring quilts added to the museum holdings over the last 10 years, many not previously displayed. 



"American Dreams in the Cold War: Photos by Barbara and Ralph Fox" Mid-century moments including news, commercial, and personal images by husband/wife team from 1950s-60s.  


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"Photographers and the Plains Indian" an exploration of how photographs influence Americans' perceptions of Plains tribal people and how both photographers and their native subjects used early photographs to convey particular meanings.


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