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First Nebraskans, grades 5-8


a. Describe the objects belonging to the Early Potters.


Describe the objects belonging to the Prehistoric Farmers (Easterners and Westerners).

Look at the drawings of the Early Potters' and Prehistoric Farmers' houses. How are their houses different?


What was the major difference between these two cultures?


b. Find the Europeans and Americans section. Describe the gift given to Logan Fontanelle by the U. S. Government.

Why was he given this gift?

Your ideas: Why do you think the government chose to give this particular gift to tribal leaders?

c. Find the painting that tells the story of a expedition and conflict in 1720 between Europeans and Indians near present day Columbus, Nebraska. How can we identify the Spanish soldiers in the painting?

Which Indians were allies with the Spanish?

How can we identify the French soldiers?

Who were their Indian allies?

Challenge: Imagine you were a European soldier exploring and fighting on the Plains in August. Name three problems you would face. (Hint: All three problems can be found in this painting.)



d. Go to the Clothing section. What is your favorite accessory or article of clothing?

What is it made of?

Challenge: Name two trade items incorporated in Plains Indian clothing and accessories.


e. Go to the earthlodge and look at the materials and construction of this dwelling. List three of the materials.

Challenge: Describe two ways in which the earthlodge design and materials worked well with the weather and geography of the Plains.



f. Go to the Reservation Era section and find the Standing Bear's Trial display. What is the thank-you gift given to Standing Bear's attorney?

Why was it so valuable to Standing Bear?

Challenge: How did Standing Bear's success relate to the U.S. Constitution?


g. What school won the 1927 Nebraska High School basketball championship in Class C? (Hint: Find the trophy)

What did boys and girls learn at this school?

What did they wear sometimes?


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