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Nebraska Joins the Union, grades 9-12


a. Find the document signed by William Clark. What was Clark's title in 1815?

What object was carried by Lewis and Clark?

How do you think Lewis and Clark might have felt as they met Plains Indians and gave this object away?

How do you think the Native Americans felt when they were given this object?

b. Find the brochures advertising gold in Nebraska. What information did these brochures promise?


How has the geographic area of Nebraska changed since then? (Hint: Find the Nebraska territorial map.)


c. Find the Civil War section. Nebraskans fought on two fronts during the Civil War. Describe these two fronts. (Hint: Read about the bugle and the spurs.)



d. Find the Bringing the East West section. Choose three of the objects on display. What do the three objects tell you about expectations and experiences of Easterners moving to Nebraska?




Look at the copy of the census page. From where were people emigrating to Nebraska?


e. Go to the Town Builders section. Describe or draw three objects used by town builders to organize their towns.

Who used each object?

__________________     __________________     __________________


How was each object used?
___________________   ___________________   ___________________

___________________   ___________________   ___________________

f. Find the state seal. In your opinion, what was the purpose of the state seal?


What does the seal tell us about the European-American experience and hopes at that time?


At the time of statehood, the U.S. government was promoting the settlement by whites of lands claimed by Native American tribes. Following years of conflict, Native Americans were forced on to reservations. Why do you think this story of Nebraska history was not included in the state seal?



g. Go around the corner to the sod house. Sod houses and earthlodges would have existed in Nebraska at the same time. How are they similar?


How are sod houses and earthlodges different?




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