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Nebraskans in World War II, grades 5-8


a. Find the photo of three workers in the cornfields. Who were the 'satisfactory replacements' for the young men who left the family farms?

What work are the three workers doing?

b. Go to the Martin Bomber Plant display. Of the 14,527 people employed at the bomber plant, what percentage were women?

Your ideas: Why do you think there were so many women employed at this plant?


How do your think the women felt about working at the plant?

Find the knife Pauline used to apply decals to planes. Fill in the blanks for these decal messages:

"Don't ___________ me in a ___________."

"Tighten my ___________ with a ___________ key."

c. Go to the Civil Defense display. Find the bombs dropped on the state capitol in Lincoln. What are they made from?

Why was Lincoln bombed?

Read Paul C. Andreas' story. What was his responsibility during blackouts?

How do you think you would have felt during one of these blackouts?


d. Go to the Canteens display and look at the photographs. Describe what took place at the North Platte Canteen in five or fewer words.


Your ideas: What do you think was the impact of the canteen on the soldiers?


What was the impact on the community of North Platte?


e. Find the Making It Do, Or Doing Without display. Look at the rationing stamps and certificates in this area. Name three items that were rationed.

Sketch or describe one of these rationing stamps.


Your ideas: Which of these would be the most difficult for you to cut back on?



f. Go to the Military section. Find the uniform worn by Grace Elizabeth Clements. Describe the uniform.


Which Women's Auxiliary did she belong to?

What was the result of her 'snafu'?


g. Your ideas: If you had lived during World War II, what would you have done to help and why?



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