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Nebraskans in World War II, grades 9-12


a. Sit on the 1940s living room couch and listen to the radio announcement. What is the announcement?

Describe a time when you can remember an important news event being announced. What was the announcement?

Why do you think the memory of that announcement stays with you?

b. A heartbreaking impact of the war effort was saying goodbye to loved ones going to war. What was the jewelry called that was often the only ties to a person's true love?

Describe or sketch one of these.


How do you think mothers or fathers felt about raising families by themselves when their spouse went to war knowing they may not return?

c. As you walk through the exhibit, "collect" two examples of war propaganda (posters, cartoons, comic strips, awards, other). Describe the propaganda messages and images.

Example: United We Win poster

Message: cooperation and hard work will win the war

Image: photograph of two male workers, black and white







What is the overall message of the war propaganda?


d. Why was Hastings chosen as the naval ammunition depot in 1942?


What was the role of the Hastings ammunition depot in the war?


For the citizens of Hastings, what challenges came with the depot?


What opportunities?


e. If you had been a teenager during World War II, would the war efforts described below have effected you? Visit the following displays and comment on whether or not your life would have been effected and if so, how.

Civil Defense -


Making It Do Or Doing Without -


f. Go to the Military Service section. How many men and women did Nebraska send to war?

Find the object used in selective service draft held at Washington, D.C. in 1940. What is it called?

How would you have felt if your name was one of the 123 Nebraskans selected for service in the national lottery?


g. Find displays on the following Nebraskans in the Military section. In the boxes, sketch or describe an object associated with each Nebraskan. Below each box, describe what this Nebraskan did in the war.

 Butler B. Miltonberger's

Jeanette Meyer Davis's

Walter "Red" Harris's

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