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Nebraskans in World War II, grades K-2


a. Sit on the couch in the living room and listen to the news. How did people in the 1940s get news? How do we get news today?

poster b. Look up at the posters near the beginning of the exhibit. In these posters, find three animals and foods provided by Nebraskans for the war effort. Which of these foods do you like to eat?

c. Have you ever helped make food to give someone? Go to the Canteen display. Look at the photos. What foods are the women giving to servicemen?

d. Look at the photo in the Victory Garden display. What Lincoln school had a victory garden? Look at the children's faces. How do you think they felt about their garden?

e. Find the plastic dolls in the Children's display. doll

What are they wearing? Why would children want to play with dolls like these?


f. Have you ever received a badge or medal? Find the Medals of World War II. Which one is your favorite? (Hint: you can find them after the women's uniforms.) On what holiday do we honor soldiers? V_________ Day.

g. Walk through the general store. What foods and other things do you recognize? What is different about this store?
store items


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