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Nebraska Toy Stories
Atomic Age

After World War II, science and the imagination came together on television. Children of Nebraska imagined themselves as cowboy Roy Rogers or futuristic space traveler Buck Rogers.

Atomic Age toys

Left to right, 1956 Fort Apache Stockade set, 1950s slinky, 1955 Roy Rogers Fix-It Stagecoach, 1960s Race to Planets pinball game, late-1940s Buck Rogers Atomic Pistol, wooden skateboard from 1965, and 1958 Golden Sonic whistle-controlled vehicle.

Wonder Horse

Wonder Horse rocking horse, about 1948. Beth Wilkins rode this rocking horse whenever she visited her grandpa, Earl Hall Wilkins, in the 1950s.

Pedal Car

Champion Jet-Flow Drive pedal car used by Ronald Kivett of Lincoln, Nebraska, during the 1950s


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