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Faceless Fred, the Phantom of Phelps County

Fred, who lived near Holdrege, was a known philanderer, much to his long-suffering wife's dismay. Having tired of his antics, Fred's wife killed him and cut off most of his face, before dumping him down a well. A local eating and drinking establishment was erected on the site of the abandoned well and it is now believed that Fred haunts the place, scaring employees and patrons alike.

This booklet, written by Glenn Thompson for the Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce, tells the tale of Faceless Fred, the Phantom of Phelps County.
Source: Glenn Thompson, Holdrege


More Phantoms Reported

Newspaper item, "Ghost Causes Three Long Pine Postmen to Quit "
Source: Lincoln Star, 12-12-1904

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Source: Lincoln State Journal, 10-14-1875

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Source: Chadron Democrat, 2-6-1890

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Source: Daily Nebraska State Journal, 6-6-1884

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