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Ghosts Photographed, Proof that They Exist?

In 1861 a Boston photographer named William H. Mumler discovered that additional images would appear if a glass photographic plate was exposed twice. Because photography was then in its infancy these ghostly double exposures amazed all who saw them and quickly elevated this new art form into the mystical realm.

Mrs. Annis Cobb and her dummy. Mrs. Cobb impersonating the spirit "lacemaker."
Source: Nebraska State Historical Society, RG3507-11-10

Source: Nebraska State Historical Society, RG3507-11-6

"A fair Anonyma and her attendant spirit."
Source: Nebraska State Historical Society, RG3507-11-7

Source: Nebraska State Historical Society, RG3507-11-8

Newspaper item, "Spirit Photography," advertisement
Source: Co. Fair News

Photo taken in the interior of Grand Island's Liederkranz building in the late 1890s and altered to appear "haunted."
Source: Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, Lumbard Leschinsky Studio Collection.


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