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Weird Nebraska Strange But True? 

"Drunken Baboon Plays Nick. Attacks Actors and Stage Hands and Breaks Up Furniture."
Source: Seward Co. Independent, 1/12/1899, Page 1, Column 5

"Uses False Teeth As Brass Knucks in Police Battle,"
Source: The Omaha Bee-News, 8-24-1933, p. 10, c.5-6

"Child Carried Half a Mile, Picked Up by a Tornado and Set Down Uninjured,"
Source: Wynot Tribune, 4-18-1912

Bruno Centennial spelled in manure,

Source: Columbus Telegram, Apr. 19, 1988

Traded horse had plaster of paris teeth,
Source: Hebron Champion, 5-19-1914

"A Column of Fire Visible Every Tuesday Night,"
Source: Seward Reporter, 1-20-1876

"Omahan Describes July Search for Noah's Arc,"

Lincoln Journal, 1-5-1986

"Lion? Catamount? Cayote? Werewolf?,"
Source:  Comstock Journal, 2-17-1949

"Report of mysterious hairy beast has police baffled,"
Source: Lincoln Journal Star, 3-14-1992

"The Wild Man with Lion's Claws,"  Advertisement
Source: Walter L. Mains Enormous Railway Shows, Madison, Sept. 17, 1892

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