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Weird Nebraska Why Editors Have Nightmares 

These items from Nebraska newspapers and magazines have some rather interesting errors or unintended meanings.
Can you find them?

Newspaper item, "Nebraska's 'boy governor' buried in NP cemetery," error: "He continued to serve North Platte after his death, including stints on the city council and school board."
Source: North Platte Telegraph, May 25, 1997

Newspaper item, Classified ad for desk clerk, error: "Apply at the sinn."
Source: Lincoln Journal-Star, Oct. 9, 1996

Newspaper item, TV listing, error: "American Profit: The Story of Joseph Smith,"
Source: Choice, Dec. 1999

Newspaper item, Advertisement, Back to the Bible Quartet, error: picture features five men, 1987

Newspaper item, Article & error (title): The Horeless Delivery Truck
Source: Daily Record, Omaha, Apr. 21, 1989

Newspaper item, "Nebraska will stand in need of no state relief commission this year. Every Nebraska farmer has succeeded in relieving himself and needs no outside assistance."
Source: Omaha Daily Bee, 8-24-1895, p. 4

Newspaper item, "Museum Moves Towards Handi Cap Excess"
Source: Sheridan Co. Star (Rushville), June 3, 1992

Newspaper item, "Old Fashioned Thrashing Bee Set for Sunday"
Source: McCook Gazette, July 1, 1991

Newspaper item, Classified ad, "Would like to buy used wench for 3/4 ton truck . . ."
Source: Thrifty Nickle, Lincoln, Apr. 2, 1987

"Don't forget Mr. Voter (middle finger with string tied to it)
Source: Morning World Herald, October 14, 1911


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